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Our Story

To realise our bold intentions for Living Cities Earth we must not only learn, but also unlearn, to create space for new ways of knowing, doing and interbeing in five
dimensions (5P) of planet, places, place, people and person.
What exactly are these 5 areas of focus?

1. Earth with all forms of life.

2. A naturally emerging network of 10,000 cities.

3. Each city as a living ecosystem within its bioregion.

4. Our communities and organisations.

5. Each individual person. On each level we will explore what
we have to both learn and unlearn as two streams of research - like yin and yang - representing a full circle of life. 

Image by Ben White
Image by Erwin Doorn


To human well so all living systems can be healthy and happy in harmonty with Nature.


We imagine, we can make a real difference in our futures by consciously building, integrally developing and carefully nurturing a planet of lving cities, communities and organizations.
From mechanistic and ego-centered ways, we are transitioning to embracing cities as living ecosystems wisely connected to its citizens, bio-regions,
all other cities and the planet - that serve all forms of life united in cosmic syntony and conscious evolution.
From looking only at the economic and material/physical aspects in the short term we are evolving to discern our impact in psychological,
relational, energetic, cultural and spiritual domains - and in every deliberation will consider integral impact on the next 7 generations.
By no longer seeing others as mere resources in our own pursuits we start co-creating and learning together - living happy lives in
harmony with each other.
Rebounding from the downward spiral of social and ecological crisis we are moving to a future where we cherish all of life dynamically interbeing in our living cities.


Image by Will
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