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City Scale

The Metrics of Living Cities Earth are integral by design. A living city enfolds within itself other living systems at different scales. Therefore, the metrics that LCE derives from a complex adaptive living system worldview. It is multi-scalar, fractal, holographic, emergent and multi-perspectival.

Living Cities Earth metrics are viewed within the contexted of life conditions in Earth’s bioregions. We learn from Integral City Vital Signs Monitors including these maps:

  • Individual Performance (Map 1)

  • Collective Coordination, Cooperation, Collaboration (Map 2)

  • Placecaring and Placemaking (Map 3)

  • Planetary/Global Participation. (Map 4)

Living Cities create a Planetary Meshwork of Cities that Mirror Evolutionary/Involutionary Principles in Practice. (Map 5)


LCE Metrics view the City as Gaia’s Reflective Organ -  an evolutionary impulse from and for Gaia. Our Planet of Cities are part of Gaia’s Organ System. LCE organizations are organelles withing those organs. Individuals are like cells within the LCE system.

LCE Metrics support us to Placecare and Placemake within all these systems as a legacy for Earth’s future generations.

Metrics for Organizations of Living Cities Earth

·       Living Cities’ organizations take responsibility for the need for full environmental, economic or social recovery and rehabilitation caused by their (or their supply chains’) early existence (like pollution, strip mining, deforestation, desertification, homelessness, job loss, health challenges, etc.)

·       Such organizations demand that their supply chain support the Living City rules of engagement and can prove/verify to be equally as LCE as the “primary” organization.

·       The LCE supply chain within and between city organizations establishes the standards for sustainability that will set a baseline for “LCE performance.”

·       LCE cities have made the commitment to LCE Regeneration standards not only in their governance sector but in their business supply chains, civil society and citizens’ residences and quality of life.

·       LCE organizations responsible for pollution, resource over-extraction and even “ecocide” (per Polly Higgins) commit to the recovery and regeneration of the planetary resources. This would entail cities taking responsibility for the recovery and wellbeing of their ecoregions.

·       In this way standards of LCE Ecology become normalized, and we develop with it the platform for the LCE to emerge.

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