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5 new co-founders joining LCE on Nov 1

Nov 1, 2022

November 1, 2022, Earth.

The Founding Circle of Living Cities Earth global movement convened for the third time on November 1, 2022 to review progress to date since last meeting, discuss 1-year objectives and priorities for 2022 as well as to welcome 5 new members of The Founding Circle.

Since inception meetings in June 2022 in Amsterdam, London and Findhorn (UK) the number of world-class change leaders and experts joining LCE was steadily growing to increase capacity and reach, diversity and impact of our activities.

This time we welcomed five new co-founders from the Americas, Europe and Central Asia.

Each of them brings a wealth of experience and contacts in various areas - from regional conflict resolution to city storytelling, from social evolution projects to regenerative architecture and from building agile organizations and impact communities to working with indigenous people.

Currently LCE Founding Circle includes 30 co-founders from 16 countries and the circle is fast growing to include in a year about 100 world-class change leaders and outstanding experts united by one vision.

Among co-founders are integral thinkers and architects, citmakers and educators, UN experts and advisors to national and local governments, eco-activists and representatives of indigenous people, social entrepreneurs and investors, global community leaders and media producers as well as other leaders from all walks of life.

All very different in skills and experience, yet all share common values, can-do attitude and unshakeable believe in the power of humanity to build thriving future for all life in Earth.

If you feel like you should be among us please explore our Manifesto, Unitive Narrative, consider what contribution you’d like to make and then contact us to discuss your interest!

As a standard rule, to ensure the quality of our core team, a candidate needs recommendations from two current co-founders to join the circle. Then you would go through an onboarding process to best integrate and become a productive member of our growing community.

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