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Another LCE-Talk took place on 23 November, 2022

Nov 24, 2022

Marilyn Hamilton has presented her approach on Integral City: Fractal Heart of Living Cities Earth.

As Co-Initiator of Living Cities Earth, Marilyn Hamilton shared her frameworks developed in Integral City research and practice.

She revealed how cities are complex, living, evolutionary, integral human hives.

Marilyn explored 10 capacities of Humaning Well in Living Cities and introduced 5 Maps, 4 Voices, Master Code of Care and 5 Sets of Intelligences.

The participants of event have learned about the magic of biomimicry and the lessons for the Human Hive from the Bee Hive. Then Marilyn explained the source of the LCE Manifesto and the Unitive Narrative.

After a series of questions and answers on the potential of implementing the Integral City approach in the development of the world's 10,000 cities, participants concluded the event with the Blessing of Peace for Living Cities Earth.

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