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Designing Peace in the Middle East

Nov 3, 2023

On October 27, a panel discussion 'Designing Peace in the Middle East: How a Stratified Evolutionary approach to Governance can dispel conflicts and bring lasting Peace to a Troubled World' was held. Thank you to everyone who was with us that evening! During the discussion, the experts discussed the following topics: 

  1. Historical prerequisites for the development of the Middle East region: 2000-year history and problems of the 20th century 

  2. Systemic/integral causes of territorial/religious/cultural conflicts through the prism of spiral dynamics - a theoretical explanation based on real-life examples. 

  3. What are the similarities and differences in the current conflicts over disputed territories? What historical mistakes have been made in the Middle East and in other current conflicts? How can we avoid them in the future? 

  4. What does peace look like in the Middle East and around the world? What is the "bottom-up" approach to changing the world of the second order and what could it look like in the Middle East? 

  5. What actions should be taken and who/which body could ensure peace in the current conflict (conflicts)? What could be the role of international organizations?

  6. How can the disruption of stability in the Middle East be used as a catalyst for a global movement towards lasting peace on Earth? What are the driving forces that can catalyze this transformational shift? What should be fundamentally fixed in people's minds? How can we convey to people the concepts of Peace, optimism, Insight, Love of Life, Unity and diversity in today's burning world on the edge of the abyss?

Watch the recording of the discussion on our YouTube channel:

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