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Evolution of thr human hive

Aug 16, 2023

Living Cities are the playground of (conscious) evolution.

This Tuesday, 15 August, Marilyn Hamilton, a co-founder of Living Cities Earth (LCE), in her stunning presentation ‘Evolution of thr human hive’ explained how to turn a city into a living organism and develop its multiple intelligences.

We learnt how the human hive is organised in terms of the levels of evolution, motives and roles of its inhabitants,

How to scan and project the life of a city with the help of integral theory,

How city dwellers could live in accordance with the Master Code of Care (for self, others, place and planet).

How we should redesign the whole urban idea to survive and thrive.

Marilyn Hamilton, PhD., writer, integral thinker and urban development expert, social entrepreneur.

Dr. Hamilton’s book “Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive” is recommended for reading by Ken Wilber, the founder of the integral approach.

The recording will be available here:

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