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Introducing BADASS Leadership Lab: Empowering Leaders for Lasting Change

Aug 16, 2023

August 23 8-10 am PDT / 4-6 pm BST, we kindly invite you to the incredible workshop by Eric Kohner & Michael Lattimore, LCE co-founders, on the topic ‘Introducing BADASS Leadership Lab: Empowering Leaders for Lasting Change’.

Join us at the BADASS Leadership Lab, a transformative experience sponsored by Living Cities Earth (LCE)!

We believe leadership and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) are intertwined, offering a powerful path to foster growth and impact.

Our core beliefs guide us:

  • Diversity Creates Strength:Embracing diversity strengthens individuals, organisations, and communities, unlocking new perspectives and resilience.

  • Dismantling Racism and Injustice: We're committed to fostering inclusive, equitable, and just environments, challenging racism and injustice.

  • Brilliance Beyond Education and Economic Status: True brilliance is defined by lived experience, passion, and impact, valuing diverse knowledge.

  • Equitable Representation: Promoting equal opportunities and representation benefits all, driving innovation and sustainable growth.

  • Building Together: We thrive by breaking down class structures, fostering collaboration, and creating a harmonious society.

  • Embracing Disruption: We embrace discomfort, challenge the status quo, and encourage bold and disruptive thinking to drive meaningful change.

The BADASS Leadership Lab offers a unique, immersive experience where leaders develop skills to create lasting change.

Engage with impactful models like the 5 Knowledge Centres and the BADASS Leader acronym equipping you to navigate a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) and foster agile, supportive, and disruptive leadership.

Join our diverse cohort of emerging talent communities (under-represented/marginalised communities) and LCE co-founders and city leaders!

Benefit from real growth opportunities and networking.

Unlock a world of possibilities:

  • Discover your unique leadership style.

  • Learn from brilliant peers, fostering mutual impact.

  • Cultivate lasting connections, trust, and intimacy.

  • Embrace the joy and impact of being present.

  • Develop knowledge agility, balancing head, heart, gut, groin, and hand.

  • Embody a BADASS Leader: Bold, Authentic, Disruptive, Agile, Supportive, and Spacious.

Align with LCE's mission of empowering leaders for thriving, inclusive, alive and happy communities.

Join the BADASS Leadership Lab and make a lasting difference!

Please register here:

Participation is free of charge.

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