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Sincere conversation about ‘Partnership with self’

Aug 29, 2023

On 27 August we had a very deep and sincere conversation about ‘Partnership with self’ with Alexandra Dobrynina (Wenzhou, China). Alexandra is a coach of inner sustainability and freedom, trainer, author.

The statistics on loneliness among people in different countries show that a huge number of elderly over 65 feel lonely and live lonely. Going down to the loneliness statistics among people aged 25-55 years old, we will be sadly wondered, that a huge number of them are feeling lonely as well. How about children? Do they feel lonely?

Loneliness is a state of mind linked to wanting human contact but feeling alone. It is a situation where the self-partnership level has dropped dangerously low. What can be done to change situation?

Watch our workshop by the link, please comment and share:

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