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Summary of Earth Day Summit

May 18, 2023

A little less than a month ago, Living Earth Cities held an amazing event to celebrate World Earth Day (April 21-23).

During the three full days of the Earth Day Summit, we had over 60 speakers performing at our platform in 12 languages! The programme drew audiences from 154 cities from 45 countries!

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who put a piece of their soul into this event!

The speakers:

And the institutional partners:

And every single one of the participants!

If you didn't manage to see any of the presentations at the Summit, we are pleased to inform you that you can view the programme on our website and choose the presentation you would like to see as a recording.

Clicking on the title of each presentation in the programme will take you to the recording on our YouTube channel, where you can enjoy it whenever you like.

Please don't forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter on our website and to our YouTube channel (subscribe button). We also ask you to press "like" and click on the bell - it will let more Youtube users see our videos, and it will keep you updated about our latest news and new presentations from the world's leading speakers.

Also, please feel free to share all the above links with your friends and colleagues - our aim at LCE is to provide access to the most important knowledge about urban and planetary development for people all over the world!

In addition to information about the last Summit, let us also invite you to our follow-up events:

In partnership with Panorama Lab, we launched a series of workshops focusing on soft-skills development on personal, organisational and social levels. Please follow the link and register for these events.

And on June 21-22 we are looking forward to our next Global Event - Happy Cities Summit! The event programme will be available on the LCE website later, but you can pre-register now to get all the updates on the event!

We also invite you to join our Telegram channel and social media pages on Facebook and Linkedin.

Stay tuned!


LCE team

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