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10.000 Cities

Marilyn Hamilton

Oct 11, 2022

Shifting worldviews

Earth’s 10,000 cities have been built from the cultures of our past, with an acceleration of growth in the last century from industrialization.

Currently, a controlling, mechanistic, human centred worldview dominates modern cities that sees the Earth as a suite of resources to be extracted for profit. Short term economic development takes priority in most decisions. As a result, regeneration sciences show that cities are

impacting nine major Earth resources that constrain support for all life.

New economic paradigms reveal the continuity of all life will depend on recalibrating the relationship between Earth constraints and human

social justice factors. We believe that cracking the code on how to “‘human well” in cities is a foundational key to shifting the patterns from

destruction to regeneration.

Shifting worldviews is an extremely powerful leverage point in systems change and our work will focus on key worldview shifts that will

make applying regenerative solutions easier in the long run. The LCE network is an agent of this essential cultural evolution and we need to

learn together how to create this shift most effectively at a planetary scale. There is not currently a global network with this aim and we feel

called and prepared to take on this challenge.

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