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Why do we need Unlearning?

LCE Team

Mar 21, 2023

The Idea behind Intentional Forgetting

Why do we need Unlearning?

While most researchers agree that unlearning is necessary, especially in an organizational setting, some have raised questions about the concept's internal consistency. There is a need to supplement organizational theories of unlearning by providing a more precise definition of intentional unlearning and by formulating a "unlearning cycle" that includes the steps that influence unlearning with an emphasis on the necessity of updating previously acquired knowledge. 

The current state of conceptual development and empirical underpinning of the concept of unlearning, relates it to emerging literature on the links between levels of learning, and a conceptual framework that includes city leaders and managers as key actors in enabling intentional unlearning.

Opponents of unlearning argue that the practice is pointless because there are better ways to frame the research gap that has been identified in the unlearning research literature using clear alternatives and less problematic concepts. This investigation addresses these issues and proposes three fundamental structures, symbolized by the unlearning cycle, to support deliberate unlearning.

This research clarifies the connection between the various degrees of unlearning. In addition, this research aims to point the way toward more rigorous future studies in the expanding field of deliberate forgetting.

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