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Total Solar Eclipse

Apr 4, 2024

Dear Friends 

It is a great privilege to hold sacred space at this momentous time of the total solar eclipse and together we have an opportunity to bring about a significant

shift in the evolution of personal and global consciousness.

It is said by many wise astrologers that this total eclipse alongside many of the other planets in alignment are the bringers of great change. Indeed, it is said that we are birthing the new, a new way of living in the world nurturing and nourishing our Self as we care for each other, all sentient beings and our beloved Mother Earth.

Please join in and we will bring ourselves into loving stillness and hold this frequency in silence for 15 minutes during the total eclipse. The room will be open for 2 hours and we will be joined afterwards by many friends of MOMM who will share their unique expressions of the emerging evolutionary impulse.

Total Solar Eclipse

Monday April 8th 2024

at 11am PT, 2pm ET, 7pm BST, 8pm Europe

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