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Human Well

Living Cities Earth

Why We Are

As humans, we are intricately connected to the evolutionary web of life.

In our modern, complex world what does it mean to “human well''?

To find answers we propose Living Cites Earth – an interdisciplinary action research network, connecting 10,000 cities and a web of integral experts serving Gaia’s wellbeing.

We aim to integrate our capacities to “human well” and discover how we can nurture cities as our complex, living, spiritual homes in harmony with nature across four key dimensions of person, people, places, and planet.

We assume cities must take responsibility for their impact on climate change and their relationship to their bioregions.

Our network is vitally important in the movement to shift the paradigms of cities as mechanistic resource extractors to living, thriving, resource-enhancing systems.

Ours is a bold leap to transform cities into alive well-being habitats.

Our network is learning and unlearning as we map our collective activities, activate cities as life-wide and lifelong learning ecosystems, research core questions, and publish journal articles in a variety of media to impact the worldview and culture of cities.

Our network supports movements embracing cosmo-centric and earth-centric interactions – including bio-region regeneration.

We aim to co-create the conditions so humanity can survive and thrive with all life in service to Gaia honoring the living systems of our ONE planet.

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