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Aleksei Groshenko

San Diego (USA)

I believe in people, their positive intention, potential and opportunity to make their lives and the lives of the people around them happier and more harmonious. My mission is to contribute to people’s development at the individual, organizational, social levels to form a new planetary mentality, based on the recognition and respect of the differences of individuals and their potential in uniting and developing humanity and caring for planet Earth.

The LCE’s values and mission are very close and resonate with me, I also know some of the co-founders and see the opportunity to contribute to the development of the organization and its activities for the benefit of humanity. I have a lot of experience in bringing together and connecting people to create and implement educational and developmental projects, which can help involve more supporters of the LCE’s ideas and form a new worldview, values, beliefs, and skills necessary to achieve the mission of the LCE. I can be useful as a Spiral Dynamics practitioner, Executive coach, leadership trainer, organizational psychologist, and consultant as well as a methodologist, facilitator, and moderator. I love to be a connector, inspirer, creator, and supporter as well as an implementor and change maker. I’m originally from Moscow, Russia, and now I’m living in San Diego, California, USA. I’m an independent contractor, member of International Coaching Federation (ICF) and member of Panorama Lab. We are providing Systemic Impact leadership programs for impact leaders around the world.

My professional achievements include my first own company was established when I was 21yo and it was very successful, also I’m proud that I had an opportunity to be a key author and lead coach of strategic sessions for the Minister of Health care system and his team, as well as conducting trainings for 12 000 nurses, doctors, include 4000 leaders and 400 coaches. My personal achievement is moving to USA, developing my English skills and being able working with leaders around the World and make an impact for thousands of people. My personal interests are playing the piano, singing, exploring nutrition, and working out, playing tennis, and traveling, meeting new people and friends. My dream is to become a cross-cultural coach and connector of people around of the globe.

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Aleksei Groshenko
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