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Alice Namuli Blazevic

Kampala (Uganda)

What's your mission in life?

To help human beings heal (emotionally , physically and mentally) with nature

What makes you want to join LCE?

To contribute to the human wellness at a global scale. To learn from and share my experience with other leaders in the world

How you might contribute to our mission (making 8 billion people, 10.000 cites and our blue planet fully alive)?

By fostering safe spaces (on a farm and a forest) for human beings to connect with nature, training the youth to become nature warriors, working with local leaders to create awareness of LCE objectives among the masses.

What are your superpowers / key competencies?

I work through teams by Identifying the right people to execute an assignment , collaborate and partner with others who have the resources that i don't have, business development and strategic networking.

What roles do you love playing?

Identifying the right people on a team, business development and strategic networking

Country and city you represent

Uganda, Kampala

Organisation(s) you represent and your role there

Katende, Ssempebwa & Co Advocates - Partner ( Head Tech and Innovation Department)

Bushbaby Eco (Farm and Forest) Lodge - Co Owner

Bushbaby Forest School - Co owner

Coffee with Alice, a Mentorship program for students and young professionals and Mental Health Wellness program - Founder, Africa Innovation and Tech Academy - Founder

Legal Innovation hub (Africa) - Founder

Personal and professional interests, achievements and any other facts you want to share

I am a Tech lawyer (i have consistently recognised as top lawyer in Uganda by various international associations and directories), community developer (i am very passionate about building communities through various youth projects) and i am a nature warrior on a mission to preserve nature, create safe nature spaces where the human being can heal and thrive, teach human beings how we can solve world problems through our connection with nature.

Alice Namuli Blazevic
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