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Anatoly Balyaev

Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)

My name is Anatoly Balyaev, I represent Integral Development Institute Central Asia. I'm in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

I've been practicing and teaching Spiral Dynamics and integral approach for 15 years. I think that we need more people with the ability to think and act like natural evolution does. I call it transparent leadership - the way you act proactively and keep your grown up ego aside from making important decisions. Our possibilities are limitless if we don't care who will be awarded and get the praise.

I consider LCE ideas as very inspiring and necessary for all human beings now. In this difficult time there must be an initiative like this to make the positive future real. The past is fighting against the future now in many places on Earth. And the final battle won't be the fight between good and evil but between complexity and simplicity, evolution and entropy. 

Evolution creates beautiful and complex living beings and living cities. I think we should grow up and work together to let evolution happen through us.

Yet, there's a complexity informed of the importance of simplicity, simplicity beyond complexity if you know what I mean. We can get there as human beings and as collectives. 

"" was the name of international online conference that I produced a year ago with my team. There were also other seven international conferences that I had organized in the area of integral approach and evolutionary intelligence. 

More than 500 students graduated from our long-term education programs. We work with commercial and nonprofit organizations all over the world.

From my prior projects I know quite a few of LCE co-founders - Marilyn, Pavel, Lev, Oleg, Cees and others - and feel privileged to be joining our LCE circle as a co-founder. 

To realize LCE mission I consider important to maintain the wholeness of human systems development. There are some integral research results that we need to apply. For instance, I think we need to keep alive traditions of each culture, take care about indigenous people and our roots that provide energy and deeper meanings for our today's actions.

I also write fairy tales for adults. This is my favorite: 

Anatoly Balyaev
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