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Archie Chernov

Bali (Indonesia)

A global entrepreneur with my first textile company Arben launched in New York City in 1994, an impact investor who also became a developer of Happi-Spaces and Happi-Villages.

My mission in life is to be HAPPI (short from “happiness”), make people around me and around the globe Happier through developing “Happi-Country” - an international network of integrated Live/Work/Play Community Happi-Spaces of different scale starting from Community Centers and Resorts up to Happi- Villages.

My personal formula of happiness, or H.A.P.P.I. =

+ Harmony (Live/Work/Play)

+ Activities (Brain/Body/Soul)

+ Partnerships (Personal/Local/Global)

+ Passion (Hobbies/Dreams/Love)

+ Innovations (Interests/Ideas/Income).

I believe in “WE” & “Together”! We are Creators, so let’s create Happi Spaces around us, Together!

To me LCE is a club of likeminded people and We can both care for each other and also make ourselves and millions of people around us Happier.

I am both a down-to-Earth entrepreneur, an innovator and an inspired visionary - so it is important for me to participate in projects that foster innovate vision and practical implementation with potential for large-scale impact.

Within LCE I could be seen as a practical partner who is developing a small city in Kyrgyzstan (Central Asia), a community Space and Village in Bali (Indonesia) and Green Expo Valley around the world.

I have personal experience which I can share in social entrepreneurship, organising offline and online expo’s, building Live/Work/Play infrastructures, trading, retailing and manufacturing textiles in Belgium, Italy, Russia, Romania and China.

I could also participate in our Products and Services circle as I know how to do business that creates an impact and could enhance our team there.

I reside in Bali with my wife and 2 year old son and welcome everyone to visit our Happy Island!

Archie Chernov
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