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Chantal Garneau

Ontario (Canada)

My name is Chantal Garneau, and my mission in life is to feel the flow of life move through me, to listen deeply, act consciously, and love openly. I am interested in joining LCE because I believe I can contribute to LCE's mission of helping 8 billion people, 10,000 cities, and our beautiful blue planet come fully alive.

As a meditation artist, I can facilitate opportunities for individuals to awaken a profound sense of connection to the web of life. As a local municipal councillor I can share my experience in policy development and implementation. As a volunteer in biodiversity protection and enhancement, I can provide knowledge of international, national, and local policies, grassroots projects, and connections to collaborators.

My superpowers or key competencies lie in intuitive sense-making, group communication, and bringing concepts into action. I absolutely love leading groups through transformative experiences that foster insights and embodiment and bringing people together for collective action.

Personally, and professionally, I am deeply interested in exploring how personal and collective trauma impacts our felt connection to the web of life and the ways in which we can contribute to the health and vibrancy of our inner and outer ecosystems.

Here is a link to a series of place based meditation installations I created for my town

Chantal Garneau
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