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Derick Bedzra

Accra (Ghana)

What makes you want to join LCE?

I honestly in my own right wouldn’t want to join any group or participate in any movement that doesn’t align with values for building a new earth that’s free from petty prejudice and recycled corruption.After carefully examining and reviewing LCE’s mission and manifesto, I found in myself an extending perspective that connects my life as a divine ministry to each and everyone I saw listed on the Co-founder list.I believe my presence here is not just by chance and it’s one of those reasons I’m willing to stay to find out WHY ? Knowing the ALL-Creator doesn’t put me in places where the Glory of HIM is not revealed, I’m patient to find out if LCE will make way for the will of the new Earth.

How you might contribute to our mission (making 8 billion people, 10.000 cities and our blue planet fully alive)?

Per my personal contributions as a co-founder and an integral team member, I see myself playing the role of the catalyser showcasing good practice and fostering impactful relationships that drives unity, growth and impact in all areas of our development namely; ideas, time, knowledge, skills, network, leadership, organisational capabilities, finances, funding acumen etc.Professionally I see myself bringing to the LCE community experiences that encompass the following areas of knowledge applications;Educational Equity: Empowering communities through education, breaking down barriers to access, and fostering a culture of lifelong learning.Global Collaboration: Collaborating with global initiatives like Living Cities Earth to share knowledge, ideas, and projects that contribute to the well-being of cities and the planet.Sustainable Urban Development: Designing and implementing eco-friendly urban spaces that prioritise environmental preservation, circular practices, and climate resilience.Social Inclusion: Facilitating social cohesion through community engagement, job creation, and economic opportunities, ensuring that no one is left behind in the journey towards sustainable development.Circular Economy Practices: Advancing circular design principles, repurposing existing structures, and minimising raw material consumption to contribute to a circular economy.Climate Resilience: Constructing buildings that withstand disasters, reducing displacement risks, and promoting climate-resilient urban development.Biodiversity Preservation: Implementing sustainable land use practices, responsible harvesting, and reforestation efforts to contribute to biodiversity preservation.Community Empowerment: Encouraging active participation and a sense of ownership within communities, fostering self-reliance and resilience.Regenerative Architecture: Transforming urban spaces into regenerative hubs that promote physical, mental, and environmental well-being.Bio-Based Materials Adoption: Promoting the use of bio-based materials, such as bamboo, in construction to reduce carbon footprints and contribute to sustainable material practices.

What are your superpowers / key competencies?

My superpowers are PatienceLongsufferingUtter - WillThis three superpowers help build my competence in the following;Technology Planning and Implementation: I’m proficient in assistive coordinated planning and implementing of technology solutions, ensuring that initiatives leverages the latest advancements for optimal efficiency.Data Analysis: With a strong background in data analysis, I’m able to harness the power of data to inform decision-making, measure project impact, and drive continuous improvement.Information Management and Operations: I AM able to support the initiative in developing and managing information systems and optimising operations, ensuring that LCE’s processes are streamlined and effective.Business Development and Strategic Planning: I have the skills to develop the business side of the initiative, formulating strategies for growth, partnerships, and sustainability.Negotiation and Partnership Structuring : My expertise in negotiation and partnership structuring can be instrumental in forming collaborations with stakeholders, governments, and organisations.Computer Programming and Architecture Development: Proficient in computer programming and architecture development, I can contribute to the technical aspects of the initiative, especially in creating innovative solutions.

What roles do you love playing?

The Thinker. The Investigator. The Connector. The implementer.

Country and city you represent

Accra, Ghana, Monart City

Organisation(s) you represent and your role there

Monart CityTheia International Youth 4 Circular Future (Y4CF) Qeys IncBENR (Building Efficiency & Neo Real Estate)

Derick Bedzra
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