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Eerik Potter

Türi (Estonia)

My mission varies depending on time, but overall I could say it is to increase theconsciousness of humanity and harmonize our planet spaceship.

The concept of LCE and the underlying integral (city) approach resonates with me. I have a saying, that “global harmony is local harmony” so to me, it is unavoidable to embody both dimensions. I am bootstrapping a local non-profit organization “Biorich Türi” in my small garden-city home and would like to connect it to the global/ planetary layer.

Broadly, I contribute to various projects of mine (mentioned later). But inside the LCE, Ifeel I would bring a unique truly integral/ open view to everything. I would gladly present atconferences or help with brainstorming.

My superpower is integral wizard - a universally integral mind that I have unlocked within myself. That is, I am free, truly free, and that gives me unlimited power and clarity. I have also reprogrammed myself to be love-based from the ground up (check out my projects)

I love the game of Life, and thus all sorts of roles. But my essential role is Unifier. I connectwholes, to the extent of an open base layer on top/ underneath all detailed/ relativeapproaches

I live in Estonia (1.3M), Türi (5k). I was born and raised in the capital, Tallinn, but movedaway as I needed to be (in) nature to balance my doings.

My on-going projects, achievements and links:

We are also building our own paradise garden right in the middle of Türi, to fully explore and embrace the wonders of Natural collaboration.

Eerik Potter
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