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Elena Schiller

Bavois (Switzerland)

What is your mission in life?

My mission revolves around conscious parenting. I am committed to assisting parents in choosing positive parenting methods that foster confident, responsible, self-sufficient, and healthy children. The conscious generation I aim to shape involves individuals capable of choosing strategies for thriving through creative endeavors, engaging in thoughtful human activities that positively impact the interaction between society and nature. My goal is to pass on these methods to parents, thereby creating a conscious generation whose activities become a determining factor in the development of our planet.

What motivates you to join LCE?

I am drawn to join the LCE community due to a shared concern for the global issues facing humanity today. I aspire to connect with like-minded individuals who not only recognize these issues but are also willing to take action, contributing to our collective future.

How might you contribute to our mission (making 8 billion people, 10,000 cities, and our blue planet fully alive)?

I am ready to contribute to the development of the Swiss representation of the community by taking on the executive role to support and foster the growth of the community, aligning with the overall mission of bringing life to our planet, its people, and cities.

What are your superpowers/key competencies?

My key competencies include excellent interpersonal skills, strong problem-solving abilities, analytical thinking, result orientation, and a keen willingness to immerse myself in new projects, finding ways to develop and improve the existing status quo.

What roles do you love playing?

I enjoy playing roles related to developing and implementing strategies to enhance and improve the current status quo. It's a challenge I welcome, aiming to bring about positive changes and growth.

Organizations you represent and your role there?

Currently, I hold the positions of program methodologist, mentor, and psychologist at BRICS+ Business Camp. Additionally, I serve as the leader of the Cultural Ambassadors Program at the International School of Lausanne as a member of the Parent Teacher Association Executive Team.

Personal and professional interests, achievements, and any other facts you want to share?

My interests revolve around studying best practices in human development, effective methods of intercultural communication, and anything that contributes to mutual understanding and respect. I am passionate about initiatives that promote peaceful and joyful coexistence on our planet. I am also a mother of a wonderful 19-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son. I enjoy skiing, dancing, laughing, and many other activities to savor life.

Elena Schiller
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