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Ferial Puren

Edinburgh (Scotland)

I am Ferial Puren and my mission in this life is to rally people around the idea of a better future for themselves and others and to hold space for them to imagine...and work towards realising a sustainable world where people return to flow with all of life...

What makes you want to join LCE?

I understand that people will need to collaborate effectively in order to co-create the solutions we now need and to do so, we need people to human well together. I am drawn to serve the vision of LC.E because exploring, discovering and learning together how to human well is at the core value that I am deeply aligned with and feel I can contribute meaningfully to.

How you might contribute to our mission (helping 8 billion people, 10.000 cities, and our beautiful blue planet come fully alive)?

Essentially my work is about helping people, human better and then helping them form mutually beneficial coalitions that creates positive impact . So, this is how I can contribute best to the work of LCE. Through my work with Ignite Life, Eco Citizen Academy, and many other synergistic organisations that I am aligned with, I can offer tools for personal transformation that can empower change agents to maximise their impact. In addition, I am skilled at identifying synergistic projects and people and are able to weave them together to leverage their respective strengths in order to create a much larger impact than they are able to do on their own.

I am currently also invested in prototyping circular economy innovations, whole system change strategies and re-imaging just value exchange for both human and non-human stakeholders in the hopes of emerging more eco civilisation. Drawing on my experiences, education and skill as a social entrepreneur, life and business coach, guide, nutritionist, author, story crafter, public speaker, change facilitator, mother, person of colour, and mindful creator, I am passionate about empowering individuals to improve their own lives and their communities.

I approach this work with empathy and an immense awareness of my own limitations and ingrained cultural biases, always striving to imagine and build a world that is better than the one we experience today, one where people are more conscious of why, what, and how we contribute to society.

What your superpowers / key competencies areactivator?

I make things happen by turning thoughts into action. I activate projects and ideas rather than simply talk about them.maximiser - I focus on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence and I seek to transform something strong into something superb.futurist - I am inspired by the future and what could be and I energize others with their visions of the future.communication - I find it easy to put my thoughts into words and are a good conversationalist and presenter of ideas.strategic - I see patterns where others see complexity

What role(s) you love playingThat of a weaver and convenor?

I am really great at convening partnerships

The country and city you feel most identified withI identify as a global citizen given

I find my heritage in Java Indonesia, with a mix of Arab and Indian, I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa but now live in Scotland for the last 2 decades. Meaning that my culturalisation spans across 3 continents in equal measure.

The organization(s) you represent and your role thereI am essentially a weaver and therefore

I represent many organisations as an Ambassador but my primary role is the CEO of Ignite Life, the organisation that I founded which consolidates all my other involvement under one umbrella.

Your personal and professional interests, achievements, and any other facts about yourself that you want to share

I am an autodidact, polymath, multi-hyphenate because that which I have been evolved by nature to contribute to society required that. I have many bits and pieces of formal training in varied aspects of system design and human development but essentially it has been an incredible, continual learning journey for me. I have developed in a way that allows me to access both my left and right brain functions in equal measure. This allows me to be both strategic and empathic all at the same time. I really believe this ability is now very necessary if we are to design systems that are more sustainable because they will need to be systems that are able to preserve dynamic balance.

Ferial Puren
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