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Maji-da Abdi

Paris (France)

Born in Ethiopia, Maji-da grew up in Kenya and entered university in Canada at the early age of 14. After graduating, she traveled in many countries and was introduced to the world of movie by Bertolucci whom she had met in Nepal.

An activist, she has worked as a war journalist in Ethiopia for CNN, and as a film producer to support social and ecological awareness. In 2010, she organized in Addis Abeba the film festival « Images that matter »providing film training for hundreds as well as focusing on raising awareness towards ending female genital mutilation.In 2020, she founded Andelay Empower, an association for the freedom from limiting beliefs on menstruation that exclude countless girls from school every month and prevent many of them from completing their studies.

She is currently living in Paris with her 2 daughters focusing on heartfelt collective evolution callings to co create. Chant and dance as tools for embodied connections , Maji-da is an eco activist artist filled with poetry and mystical aspirations.

A visionary, her intuition has led her spontaneous and creative spirit to get involved in the activities of many communities that contribute to raise collective consciousness.

Catalyzed by Thich Nath Hanh's interbeing teachings she aspires to connect people of all countries in a spirit of sharing and inclusivity.

She is currently working on an eco-space in Senegal with the dream of building an eco-bridge between civilization there.

Maji-da Abdi
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