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Martin Knox

Nottingham (UK)

My purpose (reason for doing)

I work with leaders and their organisations to find, articulate and deliver their truth.


I work with design, I work with cultures, I work with the spirit of organisations. How they are conceived, recognised, identified, trusted, articulated/presented and delivered.


My POINT (what I stand for)


Bringing together: people, thoughts, ideas, places, organizations, institutions,

sensibilities: Toward better nature.


30 years of developing and delivering new thinking in the design of business and the business of design: Environmental design, Brand Identity, Brand Development, Brand Creation, Business Design, Organizational Development (culture, change), Way Finding, Future Forming, Visioneering, Developing and Mentoring of Leaders, SME Guiding, Market Intelligence, Graduate/Post Graduate/ MBA Lecturing and Mentoring, Keynote speaking. Responding and being responsible to/with the emergent.


I have worked with retail groups, charities, universities, health care providers, local authority, artists, world shapers etc.


I am interested in language and the manner by which we utilize its various forms. I am fascinated by place and spaces, the environments that we create. Powerful means of communication, highly influential in how are and what we become as human. Most effective when wielded ‘in truth’. And it is my expertise, experience, thinking, voice and creativity that I can and want to bring to leaders/citizens of our world.


And I am a beekeeper (Literally and metaphorically).

Martin Knox
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