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Ranjani Balasubramanian

Bangalore (India)

I am a Designer Educator, Facilitator and Researcher. I have a Masters in Urbanism and Strategic Spatial Planning and have worked in architecture, urban infrastructure development and smart cities.

As an architect I have worked largely with earth construction and conservation of vernacular building techniques. As an urban planner, I have worked with governments and private organizations on large urban and infrastructure development projects with a sustainability focus.

I have been a faculty and researcher at Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology for 6 years. My area of focus has been sustainability frameworks for community led research and development.

My most recent work engaged with Design for Sustainability and Design for Post Disaster Recovery and Resilience.

From 2020 I am one of three co-founders and CEO of Glocal CoLab which is a design research and education organization working towards an inclusive, sustainable and regenerative future. I am also a consultant with NIITI Consulting to work with design thinking, innovation and strategy in projects and Theatre Professionals HRD to conduct theatre based workshops with Leadership Teams.

I am also currently excited about being a learner-explorer of futures studies and children’s illustrations. I genuinely enjoy travelling and working people from diverse backgrounds. On my vacations I love to volunteer to build with mud, mostly in the mountains.

Ranjani Balasubramanian
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