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Robert Schram

Spinetoli (Italy)

Robert Schram is an intuitive transition-engineer with a passion to lower the illusionary boundaries in our mind, so we can unite towards a fairer, more loving and compassionate world for all.

He is a co-founder of United Earth & WorldSummit Movement, coordinator at HackHumanity, co-founder of Mother Arc, Host at Future Now Radio, coordinator at Eco-tech hub Liminal Village, Author, Documentary Film Producer, Denim Partner for Ecocivilisation Scotland Country Chair, and co-creator at many transition-projects & teams, e.g. CoDo, Regenmatch, The Loom, PolyPoly, Elegant Earth, Gaianet.

Robert is also a Climate Reality Leader, activist, and network weaver for Humanity’s Phase Shift. He supports many groups and projects to empower the momentum towards the new paradigm together.

Robert Schram
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