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Sally Bogale

Findhorn (UK)

Sally Bogale who is Co-CEO of Gaia Education - an organization who has its roots in Findhorn Foundation and Ecovillage.

Sally shares why she delighted to join LCE: "I live at Findhorn Ecovillage with my husband, Fasil, and our eight-year-old daughter, Willow.My mission in life is to support us all to reconnect with Gaia, by reconnecting with ourselves, each other, and the natural world of which we are part - and in doing so, to regenerate what disconnected humans have destroyed, to live harmoniously within our world, and to live peacefully and happily. I feel very lucky to be co-CEO of Gaia Education, which works hard every day to support communities to reconnect in a fun and practical way.

I want to join LCE because I fully align with your approach to nurturing our cities as living systems, and feel that I could bring a useful perspective from Gaia Education's practical experience of working with communities and organisations in both trainings and projects. For our part, Gaia Education wants to reach out to urban groups more, and we can therefore learn a lot from this movement. And I also want to learn from all the inspirational individuals that are already signed up as co-founders - to connect with like-minded and hearted people, cross pollinating ideas and supporting each other to move forward."

Sally Bogale
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