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Savvoula Maria Oikonomou

Athens (Greece) / Tallinn (Estonia)

What's your mission in life?

To promote gender and environmental justice

What makes you want to join LCE?

I believe that the mission of the LCE and this global community has the chance to make an impact in making our way of living more sustainable towards the planet and humans

What are your superpowers / key competencies?

Institutional fundraising, EU funds, gender equality

What roles do you love playing?

Project development, project management, event management, community building, networking, empowerment & education

Country and city you represent

Athens, Greece / Tallinn, Estonia

Organization(s) you represent and your role there

Huemaniser, Founder

Personal and professional interests, achievements and any other facts you want to share

My academic background is on local and regional development planning with a focus on investments in innovation in city-ports

Finalist at the Be Inclusive Sport Award 2021 - Meet the 2021 #BeInclusive EU Sport Awards Finalists – Sail Away

Savvoula Maria Oikonomou
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