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Sergey Dmitriev

San Diego (USA)

My mission

My mission is to increase global levels of awareness, empathy and mindfulness, and to spread impact mindset.

Why join LCE:

  • I hope to connect with other people who share the love for humanity and our planet and to do more together

  • I want to build a Social Impact Community of 10.000 entrepreneurs

  • I want to create a World Rating of Integral Impact for businesses and organizations (and cities?)

  • I want to advance the ideas of happiness in education, business, and life

  • I think that all the things above are well aligned with the values and principles of LCE and that cities are a key component

What can I help with:

  • spreading our new ideas around the globe (have experience with teaching to entrepreneurs and leaders from 60+ countries)

  • creating products from idea to cash with a built-in impact mindset

  • creating Agile culture and implementing Scrum

  • facilitation

  • conflict resolution (non-violent communication)

What are my super-powers:

  • I am great at selling ideas and a passionate speaker

  • I am a quick learner and a master of improvisation

Roles that I love playing:

  • researcher of the topic of happiness in education, business, and life

  • business angel and value builder

  • co-founder of management consulting company Unusual Concepts

  • Certified Scrum Trainer

  • an active promoter of social responsibility and impact mindset

  • Accredited Business Intermediary with the American Association of Business Brokers

Facts about me:

  • I have Ukrainian Russian roots.

  • Lived 25 years in Norway and have Norwegian citizenship.

  • Currently living in San Diego, California

  • Cities I love and connect to: 🇺🇸 San Diego 🇳🇴 Oslo 🇷🇺 Moscow 🇺🇦 Kiev

  • Father of 4 kids

  • Meditation and standing on nails

  • Have spent Covid year on a sailing boat with my family cruising the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea Unbounded family.mp4

  • love sports: ice hockey, technical diving, kiting, surfing, golf, tennis, snowboarding, skiing, Krav Maga, running, motor biking.

Sergey Dmitriev
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