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Sue Cooper

Nottinghamshire (UK)

Sue is a Nurse with over four decades of nursing experience in clinical care, management, research and health education, a McLean Institute Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher and an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educator from The Chopra Centre for Well-being led by founder Dr Deepak Chopra.

For over 10 years Sue travelled and explored many natural healing modalities from indigenous cultures around the world, their applications to modern day Self Care and the fusion with scientific research from Health Care.  

Sue is Founder of MOMM, Moments Of Mass Mindfulness ( and Self Care World (, ( both are dynamic, volunteer-led initiatives rooted in care and compassion, connection and collaboration and experienced through co-creating compassionate community gatherings, engaging in citizen, business, charity and governance action to raise awareness of mindfulness practices for conscious health and vibrant well-being.

Sue is co-director of Feast for the Soul, a 40 day worldwide spiritual practice intensive. (

Sue holds many voluntary roles in community, locally, she is a Non-Executive Director of Positively Empowered Kids CIC, ( an honorary Ambassador to Nottingham Mindfulness Group ( and Nottinghamshire Hospice ( and The Lieutenancy Commonwealth Group.

Nationally, Sue is a collaborator with The Queens Nursing Institute of Scotland ( and Peoples Health Alliance (  and globally, is a co-founder of Living Cities Earth ( and Ambassador for The Charter for Compassion (

Sue Cooper
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