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Uri Non Meir

Crespina (Italy)

What's your mission in life?

To reconnect the world (heaven and earth, dreams and realities) and to be a good father and partner

What makes you want to join LCE?

Happy to find co-conspirators to reconnect the world with.

How you might contribute to our mission (making 8 billion people, 10.000 cites and our blue planet fully alive)?

Bring, connect and cultivate a network of playful theatre and nature creativity facilitators to get us all working together while having fun.As a co-founder of Bama Maps, I believe it can serve as a comprehensive catalyst for advancing LCE's mission of making 8 billion people, 10,000 cities, and our blue planet fully alive. It seamlessly integrates three vital aspects:Reconnection with Nature: Bama Maps reconnects individuals with the natural world, fostering well-being and a deep appreciation for our planet.Transformative Learning: It empowers personal growth, aligning with LCE's goal of heightened awareness and conscious impact.Community-Led Quests: Bama Maps cultivates a global community united in the commitment to enliven our planet through collective quests and initiatives

What are your superpowers / key competencies?

I weave dreams with care and respect

What roles do you love playing?

Pro-evocator, initiation of the change process and beyond

Country and City you represent?

Crespina (Italy) is where I live, not sure if I represent it... I am Israeli by birth and German by Nationality but I now live in Italy. I see myself more as a global citizen.

Organization(s) you represent and your role there?

Bama Maps (Co-founder), ImaginAction (Social arts facilitator), THWS (Interactive theatre teacher), TheALbero (Co-founder) and more- personal and professional interests, achievements, and any other facts you want to share,I have two incredibly beautiful daughters and an amazing partner that I learn from every day

Uri Non Meir
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