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Wanda Krause

Victoria (Canada)

My mission in life is to contribute to planetary health through conscious living, leadership development, civil society expansion, and all the ways I may be guided to at different times, phases, in the various local and international contexts I traverse, and the networks with which I choose to strengthen.

It honours and excites me to join LCE because the articulations, mission, and vision align with what matters to me and I feel is needed...I currently work to incorporate integral approaches and planetary health into the curriculum of the program I head currently, the MA in Global Leadership, at Royal Roads University Canada. I incorporate (with my team of scholars) Indigenous and marginalized approaches that embrace our ONE planet and see ourselves with all of Mother Earth as one. For that, we require global leadership and I appreciate the focus on how to “human well”. I also note the articulation of becoming ‘fully alive” and that’s exactly what I teach and try to embody.

My competencies (I hope) are good facilitation, teaching to adult audiences, supporting projects on global leadership, Integral theory, Middle East politics, civil society, women’s participation and gender issues, embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and decolonization. I have lived in 6 countries and spent extensive time in others. I have done evaluative inquiry in my consulting work. I also have competencies in non-academic tracks, which include coaching people to align to their purposes and develop strategic plans to do so. I seem to consistently attract new graduates (from MA programs and PhD programs) or or those switching careers to something they want to be more meaningful and fulfilling in way of helping others. I love to network with like-minded people, and connect to place and our beautiful Mother Earth. I am super excited to read the bios of individuals connected to LCE and of course Marilyn Hamilton whose work I am very familiar with, and would be truly grateful to be working with this emerging group to address the global and planetary issues we are grappling with.

The country I am located in is Canada. However, my work has always been global/international. Probably most of my adult life has been studying, researching, volunteering, and working in the Middle East and Europe (as well other country regions). I work mostly with international students locally. Previously, some of my work has connected to supporting Indigenous governments in Northern Canada.

I represent Royal Roads University and myself. I am program head of the Global Leadership Programs. I also coach individuals through my own work. I have three single authored books, in addition to an edited book. For one of my books I won best title on the Middle East. I have contributed to numerous other texts and journals, and speak at conferences internationally every year on the above topics.

Wanda Krause
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