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Learning Gaia Talk

January 23 - December 17, 2024

About Learning Gaia Talk

​Education, in and of itself, is neither irrelevant nor outmoded. However, the current need to educate a planetary citizenry under conditions relevant to the living context of our planet is palpable.  A new education paradigm is emerging to address this need. Key to this new paradigm is the emphasis on lifelong, lifedeep, and lifewide learning as well as on empathy-oriented education —critical ingredients to the transformative living learning contexts for individual and collective thrivability. Local evolutionary learning ecosystems contribute to integral development of cities, by awakening the collective potential of city activists, business leaders and entrepreneurs, artists & creatives, and more. The Learning Gaia Talk series explores the parameters of these contexts based on the vision and priorities held in common by Global Education Futures and Living Cities Earth.  As such, it explores a variety of ways in which to learning how to human well together for aliveness, including both those that are formal and informal as well as those that are virtual and face-to-face.


Each Learning Gaia Talk of this series will spotlight a different thought/action leader and offer the opportunity for them to present their work and vision of education for aliveness — their views on the ongoing transformation of formal and informal learning contexts and the need for them to change given the challenges of this decade and beyond. 

Calendar of events

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