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24-hour global gathering - CONNECTATHON

Sep 14, 2023

And join us for this year's September Equinox, where we will explore five unique themes within the 24-hour global gathering - CONNECTATHON! From 19:00 UTC on September 22nd to 19:00 UTC on September 23rd, 2023, each theme will host multiple sessions as displayed on the picture through the colour-coded circles.

Through the 24-hours, each theme will host various sessions each different from the other, inviting experts to discuss, question, act, and reflect on our planet and our collective future. A brief introduction to each theme is shared below:

  1. Being Rituals (highlighted in purple), where we will re-member and re-kindle our sacred inter-being through celebrations that recharge and energise our sense of inclusiveness, diversity, and oneness.

  2. Our Humanity (highlighted in pink), where the sessions will use Circles of Proximity to explore Rites of Passage that help the self to become selfless. The transitional stages of an individual's life will be utilised to understand the self and the environment, both evolving collectively for the benefit of the other.

  3. Ancient Future Wisdom (highlighted in orange), where we will trace our roots through civilisational wisdom across the globe. Through the conversations around Rites of Passage, discussions will be focused on acquired wisdom that can be utilised to move forward with a certain civilisational maturity.

  4. Living Economies (highlighted in blue) with a focus on life-supporting, opportunity-creating, and regenerative systems of sharing resources. Exploring our place and purpose within these shared resources.

  5. Tools for Transformation (highlighted in green), where we explore methods and technologies to transform ourselves, our society, and our culture not just to survive but also to thrive.

Join the experts from:

  • Ecocivilisation

  • Social Systems Lab

  • Liminal Village

  • EARTHwise Centre

  • The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research

  • Living Cities Earth

  • HackHumanity

  • GEN - Global Ecovillage Network

  • Regeneration Pollination

  • Circular Economy Alliance

  • 8one Foundation

You are invited to embark on this journey with us!

For more details and registration, visit:

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