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Learning Gaia Talk with Marilyn Hamilton

Jan 16, 2024

On December 19th, we held the first Learning Gaia Talk. Our conversation was devoted 2023 WRAP UP - exploring most important events of 2023 that have transformed the world of learning and shaped the evolution of cities, making us “fearful and hopeful” about the collective ability to human well together for aliveness - including technological transformations, cultural shifts, and geopolitical conflicts. 

Watch the recording of the first meeting at the link below and register for the next meeting with Dr. Marilyn Hamilton, Founder of Integral City Meshworks, Co-Founder Living Cities.Earth.

Marilyn will share how she learned of Gaia’s Code of Care – considering the symbiosis of Caring for Person, People, Places, Planet. She will explain how a set of Gaia Maps reveal the 4 Quadrants of the City, a nested Holarchy of city systems, the Micro-Meso- Macro Fractals of human development, the organizational complexity and the field of spiritual energy flowing through the city. She will explore how to ask good questions for, with and as Gaia that are Deep, Clear, Wide and High.

In learning Gaia talk, Marilyn will reveal how she learned Gaia Talk for the 7th Generation through the teachings of the Indigenous people and her plans to introduce Gaia Talk through a series of Living Cities Earth training programs called Lead ALIVE, Organize ALIVE, Place ALIVE and Planet ALIVE.

Join Marilyn Hamilton at the Learning Gaia Talk event on January 23 at 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET.

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