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Cees Donkers

Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Urban Designer since 1975. Dutch architect-urbanist, founder of Architectural Center Eindhoven and the City as a LAB studio and the main person behind Eindhoven’s transformation from an industrial to innovative city. Cees has extensive experience in urban development and is also a social architect and urban environment designer. Donkers works with urban questions about transformation, the re-use of left over parts of the city to start new breeding places and creative economy. His passion is to inspire a new generation of professionals and young innovative designers to work on a new positive future. His most notable projects are City as a LAB (E+) program since 2000 (cooperation City- University); NERU-studio since 2010 (cooperation with Russia); QASE urban studio since 2015. Transformation masterplan WESTCORRIDOR: 5 former PHILIPS factory sites and other RE-USE urbanisme results.


Cees Donkers
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