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Darrell B. Gooden

Los Angeles (USA)

Life mission: Co-activate organizations to find their soul and inspire individuals to make a difference where they live, work and play.

I represent the Spiral Dynamics Group and the Center for Human Emergence (USA & California).

My highest ideal for the well-being of the world results from exposure to the theoretical underpinnings of Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi).

As an “Emergent, Cyclical, Double Helix Model of Adult Biopsychosocial Development" SDi provides an exceptional solution to those intractable, “Wicked Problems and Social Messes” troubling us and the planet.

As one of the Centers of Human Emergence (CHE) cofounders and in collaboration with the LCE movement I intend to co-design and collaboratively execute specific educational, public relations, research and development programs related to mitigating those “Wicked Problems and Social Messes” plaguing the world. We shall use Cities as the catalysts for making change happen. The CHE Fellows, I as one, will conduct timely analysis, publish commentaries, briefs, and reports, and organize briefings for the public, media, lawmakers, and legislative staff. We along with other LCE experts will write for newspapers, magazines, and other online publications and author books on transforming foreign policy and international affairs.

Darrell B. Gooden
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