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Elvira Sayarova

Moscow (Russia) / Aveiro (Portugal)

What's your mission in life?

Create a legendary adventure out of your life and teach people to create their own. My method of action is the transformation of pain, exhausted, weak and outdated into strength, innovation, pleasure and efficiency.

What makes you want to join LCE?

The old proverb: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together".I think that here I will find like-minded people and colleagues, and with mutual support we will achieve the desired real material results faster. I feel a deep resonance of meanings and ideas with LCE, and as a former winner in the games of the Civilization series, as well as a specialist in public and municipal administration, I know that real changes in people's lives in cities are the way to the desired reality.

How you might contribute to our mission (making 8 billion people, 10.000 cites and our blue planet fully alive)?

I embody my mission in three vectors, and it totally perfectly embodied in LCE mission: — support for the mental and spiritual development of society: I am developing methods of preserving and developing consciousness that cultivate its sensitivity to the world and to itself, in order to expand the potential of the individual and strengthen the healthy psyche of the individual. Only strong individualism can create a strong society, and I believe that a person's potential is stronger than the current mass development. The result: a coordinated evolutionary methodology and tools for the transformation of consciousness to the levels known today, accessible to anyone at any point of his development with the support of the community and industry professionals

— creation of digital tools that facilitate routine and solve the problem of the speed and quality of communication between people and communities, remove "under the hood" the entire routine of interactions, such as document flow and mutual settlements, and create an engaging and autonomous environment for people to negotiate, study and make informed decisions. The result: a self-organizing digital space that manages any relationship between people and preserves and cultivates their results. HRTech+EdTech+SocialTech+GameTech

— formation of a culture of integration of society with nature and its careful preservation for future generations. The result: creation of a resource-oriented economy on the whole planet in order to create a "cradle of humanity" from it, and eliminate any threats to the preservation of humanity for the successful consistent ecological colonization of other planets

What are your superpowers / key competencies?

Making humane products: comprehensive analysis of customer experience, hypothesis testing, change strategy, implementation, adaptation of improvements and innovations.- business design: releasing new products, branding and PR, development strategies, marketing and sales, customer success- building a company in the blue ocean strategic way- creating space teams for businesses from «human resources»

I was brought up by a computer in the family of an advanced military engineer and the head of customer service in a large medical clinic, so I am strong in cybernetics, quickly find universal algorithms, and very quickly adapt and transform systems into human language and needs and vice versa

What roles do you love playing?

Any leadership role that reveals my super-abilities in a way suitable for society

Country and city you represent

Russia, Moscow; Portugal, Aveiro

Organisation(s) you represent and your role there

XP Team // Co-founder (Business Design and Innovation Department),- Selfmakers // Co-founder, CEO (HRTech+EdTech+SocialTech+GameTech digital service, first Round startup),- Zion // Founder (a game to develop your own self-awareness),- School of conscious business development // Co owner, (new one community education system)- H20 // CCO (water purification and mineralization systems),- Mindfullness Mental Health Wellness programs for Lifestyle // Co-founder and Author of methologies (online and offline practices for managing self-sensitivity, personal boundaries and development, as well as immersive art),- Social Technology Academy (Moscow) - Expert in Mental Practicies Technologies,- 21 school // Gamefication Expert (gamification of programming training for teenagers and adults),- SMM-bot // Founder (AI System in Telegram, that draws key conclusions from the news on the user's channels and sites, and brings their summary at the expected time)- LMS-bot Botanik // Founder (Learning Machine System in best messenger for experts)- Support-bot Lia // EX Co-founder (an assistant for support services that suggests answers to the user, and also takes care of the answers to the most basic questions)there are also several stealth projects in the field of digital business.

Personal and professional interests, achievements and any other facts you want to share

Winner of the gaming industry, graduated from the state and municipal administration, worked as a street sweeper and led the strategy in a digital company, studied circus art, graduated from the Illamasqua style school in London, studied Japanese, a certified teacher of Hatha yoga and reiki of the 1st level, I study all available teachings, right now I am passionate about the Northern tradition. The eldest daughter in a large family, perhaps this explains a lot :) Also I write music and paintings

Elvira Sayarova
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