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Eric Kohner

Pasadena (USA)

Eric is a seasoned executive coach, trainer, and pioneer in the coaching profession. He is currently a senior trainer for Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), an organization widely recognized as the gold-standard in coach training and leadership development. Eric is known for his passion, where he coaches from the heart with compassion, intuition, and fearlessness. From this space, he co-creates with clients--from corporate executives to social justice champions in the nonprofit sector--to disrupt the status quo and discover their fullest potential as leaders.

Eric is principal of his own Coaching and Leadership Development company, ekcoSYSTEM. His signature program is BADASS Leadership. BADASS has strengthened leadership culture in progressive global enterprise companies such as Capgemini, a global Technology company, and Sony Music Entertainment.

In the last few years, Eric has been living a mission to bring leadership coaching to social change nonprofits. Some of his meaningful projects to date have been developing and leading CTI’s acclaimed collaboration with SNUG (guns spelled backwards), an anti-violence organization committed to stopping gun violence in the “Youth at Risk” population in New York State and working with the New York State Department of Youth Justice. These communities have taught Eric more than he could ever teach them.

Eric Kohner
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