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George Goognin

Menlo Park (USA)

My mission is to move humanity to prosperity, where people spend their life on creativity, love, and exploration.

I want to join LCE because its mission resonates with me, and I know many of the founders personally. I can contribute by developing spots of prosperity in the cities: buildings and districts where people create, explore, grow personally, have fun, and make money. The next stage is to set up boroughs with an autonomous self-sustainable generation of energy, water, food, and health with zero harm to the planet.

My superpowers are: building vibrant, long-lasting communities, integrating different cultures, and establishing positive cults. I love to be an Evangelist: write engaging stories, spark people with ideas, and keep them motivated for years.

I live in Menlo Park, CA, and I'm the co-founder of Evita Investments Inc., where we create cult communities for brands. We've built a 250k+ community for a $100b market cap bank, Cartier Women Startup Academy, L'Oréal Sustainability & Zero Waste online education program, and lots of communities around 5-10k members with 30+ months of average retention, and /10 of an industry CAC.

Some facts:

I have a wife and two kids and love to stroll the cities around the world

Consulted five governments on drafting crypto regulation.

Signed $250m worth of business financing deals.

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George Goognin
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