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Guy Eames

London (UK)

Director Planet 2030 Ltd, Peterborough UK; Sustainability Protagonist and Social Entrepreneur with over 20 years of international business development experience in the field of Green Building, ESG and community creation.

Green building is a new approach to the construction or adaption of any building anywhere on the planet - resource saving (energy, water, construction materials, land, time), higher performance and with a lesser environmental footprint, green buildings have the power to combine endless eco solutions to build better lives.

They use instruments like BREEAM, EDGE and other verification tools, together with models for better communities like One Planet Living, to offer a holistic solution to local communities and property owners.

Since receiving an MSc in Sustainable Development and Climate Change in 2009 Guy Eames has set up an NGO with over 1000 members and partners. In collaboration with the Building Research Institute (BRE) they championed over 300 projects in Russia and the CIS.

Guy Eames
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