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James Gien Varney-Wong

Cape Town (South Africa)

He is a commons action researcher and principal co-founder of global citizen collective, Stop Reset Go, based on a simple and accessible 3 step process for rapid whole system change. Coming from three decades of industrial electronics, systems R+D and tech background in Canada, Gien co-founded Stop Reset Go and transferred his systems training to tackling our global polycrisis using a bottom-up, commons-based approach that recognizes communities, towns and cities as the fundamental building block of civilization.

The SRG approach is the result of a decade of trans-disciplinary sensemaking and application. The heart of the Stop Reset Go process is an open-source wisdom praxis called Deep Humanity and it serves as the foundation for its three entangled offshoot leverage points, the Stop Reset Go multi-scale, multi-dimensional sensemaking and mapping process, the Indyweb, people-centred, interpersonal software ecosystem and the Tipping Point Festival.

Gien has spent the last decade helping to emerge and evolve these into an open-source, coherent rapid whole system transformation nexus and strategy. Deep Humanity provides the epistemological foundation for the Indyweb software ecosystem, while cross-scale translation of the earth system boundaries along with cascading social tipping point work with the Indyweb to provide an umbrella framework for the Tipping Point Festival community-scale gamification called "Bend the Curve".

He is also co-founder of DIRMBI regenerative agriculture farming implements, designed to scale renewably powered, non fossil fuel, organic agriculture, and to serve as the basis for community-cooperative owned agriculture. Born in Canada, Gien now resides in Cape Town, South Africa, and is developing his ecohome as a aspirational example for life in a transitional time.

James Gien Varney-Wong
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