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Kimberly Chapple

Cleveland (USA)

Engaged in an almost 3-year inquiry on physicist David Bohm-inspired dialoguing & the system of thought in the workplace, the coming alive mentioned in LCE’s mission is a gift our group has experienced in many ways and as such may fit in with LCE’s explorations. I like to think that we can embody & live our transformed, transcended paradigm ~ in relationship with everything ~ right now, exactly where we are, wherever this may be.

The country and city I feel most identified with is the United States in Cleveland (Ohio), though these days I identify more with saying I live and work on the southern shore of the Great Lake Erie, part of the Great Lakes Basin and Bioregion here on our beautiful planet Earth.

Inspired by many who came before me, I often wonder what it will be like when human beings look through a lens of “Earth first” & then see how the rest (business, education, governments, municipalities & other constructions) weave into the mix.

Kimberly Chapple
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