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Marina Demchenko

Oxford (UK)

PhD in economics, researcher of the holistic development and manifestation of individuals, organisations and territories, «a weaver of abundant reality».

Russia's first Advisor to the Head of Administration (Mayor) on the holistic development of the well-being and happiness of citizens (Zverevo).

Author of the INNER KEY methodology (an integral study of the sustainable development of complex social systems through the assessment by their participants of their level of well-being, happiness and degree of realisation of their creative potential).

Co-founder of the Russian-Swiss PANORAMA LAB for integral personal, organisational and territorial development, co-founder of Global Happy City Lab and Member of the Board of the Union of Creators and Leaders of Territorial Development «The Living Cities».

Owner of the Strategic Marketing Consulting & Coaching Centre (SMCC).

Founder of the International Holistic Personal Brand Development School.

Expert in strategic marketing, PR and branding for individuals, corporations and territories.

Accredited member of The Russian Academy of Imageology.

Member of the Marketers Guild of Russia.

Author of more than 30 publications in the professional journals on the results of the scientific research, copyright techniques and authoring methodologies.

Integral development practitioner, futurist, visionary focused on the development of humanity.

Marina Demchenko
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