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Martín Medina-Elizalde

South Deerfield (USA)

I am Martín Medina-Elizalde, an Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, specializing in climate evolution and marine sciences. My journey began in Montevideo, Uruguay, and continued in Mexico, where my parents nurtured my love for reading, arts, sciences, and politics. I pursued my dream of studying marine biology, earning a Bachelor's degree from the Universidad de Baja California Sur, and later a Master's degree in Marine Biology from the Center of Research and Advanced Studies, Yucatan, followed by a Ph.D. in Marine Sciences from the University of California, Santa Barbara.Throughout my career, I have been passionate about making significant contributions to the field of climate change. I have published numerous research papers in scientific journals, delving into topics such as climate change, sea level change, and the role of climate and environmental change in the collapse of ancient civilizations. In addition to my research, I enjoy teaching various courses motivated by inspiring students at all levels, from undergraduates to PhDs, in subjects such as Climate Change and Society, Earth System Science, Oceanography, Marine Biology, and Paleoclimatology. The recognition from my peers in the form of awards and grants for my research has been both humbling and encouraging. Beyond academia, I hope to inspire and mentor students, encouraging them to pursue careers and lives that positively impact our environment.

My mission

My two main missions are driven by my love for nature and my profound need that it be preserved in a pristine state for many generations to come. First, I am committed to conducting groundbreaking research in the fields of biology and human-climate-environment interactions, seeking to understand the complexities of our planet's climate and how it has evolved over time in tandem with life and the evolution of human societies. I strive to make significant contributions by publishing research papers in reputable scientific journals and shedding light on critical aspects such as how humans affect and are affected by climate change, and the impact of greenhouse gases on global climate.

Secondly, I am dedicated to teaching and mentoring students, seeking to inspire them to become environmentally conscious and proactive individuals that love and accept themselves as they are intrinsically. I aim to impart my knowledge and enthusiasm for environmental science through various courses, catering to students at all levels. My mission is to nurture a new generation of scientists, in touch with their hearts, who are not only well-informed about climate and environmental-related challenges but also driven to make a positive impact on our planet. By combining my research and teaching efforts, I hope to create an effect of awareness and action, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and resilient world.

My superpower

A combination of freedom, enthusiasm, authenticity, curiosity, open-mindedness.

What role do I love playing?

Educating, Learning, and Exploring Nature

What country, what city?

I was born and raised in Uruguay and have lived in three other countries, the United States, Mexico and England. I am a US Citizen and currently live in South Deerfield MA.


UMass Amherst, Earth, Geographic and Climate Sciences Department.

Why do I want to join LCE?

I'm interested in connecting with like-minded individuals who are passionate about tackling the challenges we face today regarding energy, the environment, social equity, and biodiversity preservation. I hope that by coming together as a group, we can actively work towards creating a brighter, more loving, and healthier world, where compassion and harmony become commonplace.

One of my main motivations is leaving a better place for my daughter and the future generations. I want them to experience a world where they can thrive in peace and harmony and experience biodiversity in its plenitude. I envision a paradigm shift in how we approach energy and material possessions. I intuit that this shift is inevitable, but that it requires our active participation to catalyze and bring it to light.

Joining LCE represents to me being part of a movement that aims to make a positive impact on our planet and all the life it sustains. I'm excited about the potential of meeting inspiring individuals within LCE who share the same vision and drive to find meaningful solutions. Together, I am hoping to facilitate a way for a better, more sustainable future.

What might you want to offer LCE?

I have a natural interest in thinking holistically and I enjoy breaking down complex problems to their fundamental components. This approach enables us to uncover meaningful and effective solutions, which I believe is crucial in tackling the challenges we face in building sustainable living environments within cities. In terms of climate change, cities are causal hotspots and there is much we can and need to do to reduce the impact of cities in driving climate and environmental change. On the other hand, cities are particularly vulnerable to the most significant disruptive effects of climate change on a large number of people.

Sustainability is a cause I'm genuinely passionate and concerned about, extending beyond environmental and climate change concerns. For me, it encompasses fostering the overall well-being of people, physical and mental health, and creating vibrant, urban spaces that welcome nature and inspire the best of our human qualities. I believe that underlying much of our constant desire for materialistic consumption is a misguided notion that “things” bring happiness and security. I am curious about how it would feel to collaborate with like-minded individuals, combining expertise, points of view and approaches, to design practical strategies that transform cities into more livable and eco-harmonious places, while reducing their global impact. I have experience in critical thinking and problem-solving, I am hoping to be able to make contributions to LCE's vision of living cities that prioritize sustainability, well-being, and harmony with Earth.

Martín Medina-Elizalde
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