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Michael Lattimore

Altadena (USA)


Authorized CyberSAFE Instructor

Michael is a New Thought trans-denominational minister and innovative thought leader. His life work is rooted in the credo of “Ubuntu” or “I Am because We are”. He facilitates compassionate experiential education in California prisons and leads racial healing and harmony workshops. As a Co-Active coach, trainer, and facilitator, Michael coaches leaders in the life enhancement and DEI space. He also gives back to the community by coaching executives, foreign exchange students, formerly incarcerated individuals, former foster youth, and marginalized emergent leaders.

As the servant leader of Success Support LLC, Michael has shifted corporate culture in the cybersecurity and DEI space for organizations nationwide. He is also the founder of, an international organization for sharing best practices in the cybersecurity awareness field. With decades of experience as a cybersecurity awareness subject matter expert, he trains and coaches individuals and organizations in creating a cybersafe culture.

Michael believes that spiritualized technologies can facilitate a human-centered culture based on empathy, shared empowerment, equity, and belonging. Since 2009, he has volunteered as a facilitator for the Freedom to Choose Prison project, delivering compassionate experiential education to 33 California prisons. As a current board member, he is dedicated to sharing principles of healing through heart-centered connections and serving a vision of worldwide connected communities as places of healing, belonging, and centers of restorative practices rooted in equity, justice, and opportunity.

Michael Lattimore
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