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Mohamed Waheed Hassan

Male (Maldives)

Ph. D (Stanford), Hon. Doctorate (GAU)

5th President of Maldives

I'm pleased to learn about LCE and wish to be associated with the distinguished colleagues who are highly committed to the vision of creating sustainable, humane and thriving cities. The philosophy behind LCE is appealing to me because my personal vision and commitment is to see more livable and peaceful cities in my own country Maldives and in other countries where I have professional commitments. I'm able to contribute to LCE by sharing my own ideas about peaceful and happy communities, sharing experiences of other emerging alternative urban communities and by helping to strengthen international cooperation.

In my previous roles in government and the United Nations, I have had opportunities to lead high level meetings on environment and sustainability in national and international contexts. My connections with world leaders give me a unique advantage in advocacy, partnership building and resource mobilization. I have served in the Board of Directors of the Red Sea Development Company and continue until now as a member of the Advisory Board of the Red Sea Global, which is developing environmentally friendly luxury resorts in Saudi Arabia.

As former President of Maldives and member of one of the leading political parties, I have been advocating a new vision for urban development in Maldives including the redevelopment of the capital city Male’. I believe that Maldives can learn from urban revitalization and redesign programmes from other countries and help highly crowded spaces to be more livable, sustainable, and fun places for communities.

Mohamed Waheed Hassan
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