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Nick Graham

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Nick Graham is a Weaving Lab CoFounder, Transformations Community COO. He was a Community & Ecosystem builder in 5+ organisations, covering thousands of global thought leaders, institution leaders, movement leaders. Has 25 years of experience, 9x startup / NGO founder. Prior to this, he built business for corporations (Nike, Carhartt, VF Corporation).

Now Nick Graham is weaving impact communities to transform the collective ways of thinking, being, doing. He works on the emergence of communities and ecosystems as the new paradigm of regenerative growth - systemic & people-powered. He is focused on meaningful engagement, understanding motivations, exploring tensions. Weaving is a style of leadership that is focused on changing systems and mindsets through collaborative action. It is central to collective impact, to solving complex problems, and to growing healthy ecosystems. It involves collaborating, being systemic and learning together.

Nick Graham
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