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Olga Gerardin

Florida (USA)

Practitioner of integral approach with over 20 years of professional experience in senior international and global HR roles in Fortune 500 companies, Olga empowers current and future generations of leaders to achieve their career and life aspirations, and positively impact lives of those around them.

Olga has authored her signature integral coaching program and trainings for personal and professional growth. In her private practice, she helps companies achieve competitive advantage and growth, navigate change successfully locally and around the globe, and significantly increase employee engagement and experience.

Some of her strengths include broad international background, strong change management, organization development and coaching expertise, exceptional compensation and benefits skills.

Olga is a global citizen, globe trotter.

She has lived in 5 countries, worked with people from 120+ countries.

“Unity in Diversity” is her motto.

To contribute to LCE development Olga presents our joint project - Panorama Lab:

Created in 2019 with the purpose to bring integral solutions into the daily lives of individuals and organisations around the globe, and make them accessible to all.

We work at personal, organisation, and territory levels, enabling participants to comprehend the integral beauty and complexity of this world, to integrate the diversity and seemingly disconnected parts at different levels of our existence, and to emerge at new, more inclusive, more integral dimensions, with the energy and desire to co-create for the greater good.

Our products include:

  1. trainings for individuals, for further application in personal and organisational lives; our trainings enable greater understanding of self and understanding or others, developing the ability to focus inner individual and organisational strengths and energy on co-creation, for the greater good of all.

  2. Inner Key diagnostic tool, a comprehensive solution deployed by more than 10,000 people and in 8 cities, enabling individuals, organisations, territories to understand what works well, where the gaps and opportunities are and why, determine focus areas and develop targeted solutions to make these opportunities work.

  3. We also provide coaching and consulting services.

Olga Gerardin
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