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Paddy Pampallis

Cape Town (South Africa)

Human in the process of being (Integral UÔ Coach & Psychologist, dreamer, activist, Integral Africa and The Coaching Centre leader (over 2 decades), member, bridging a way to and from Africa).


to facilitate healing and consciousness: self, others, culture and systems.

Organisational Roles:

Founder CEO The (Integral) Coaching Centre, Integral Africa, Ubuntu Coaching Foundation; member of professional bodies in psychology and coaching; contributing faculty to Meridian, UCT, Da Vinci Institute. (have sat on boards and chaired committees in psychology and coaching and education– NOT my passion) ICF. HPCSA ; (Founder member : local coaching body, coaching supervision). Council for (Mc Gregor) Wisdom School.


Started the Human Relations Club at 16 years old and have spent my life trying to understand and work more effectively to shift to awareness, kindness, efficiency, skill and love.


academic excellence, (despite myself) professional competence and skill, founder of centres for teacher support in SA Township, Cross-Cultural work, founder and head of Child and Family Assessment and Therapy Centre; Co-founder of The Learning Centre; Founder of The Integral Coaching Centre, Integral Africa, Ubuntu Coaching Foundation; Council on The Wisdom School (Mc Gregor) where we create spaces and teaching through practical wisdom across the divides of post-apartheid systems, and accessing African spiritual wisdom as a key contribution to being and living.

Paddy Pampallis
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